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Tips if you’re tired counting calories

Weight management is the number one goal most people have when they try to make changes to their food choices and eating patterns. But do you need to count calories in order to lose weight? Although I'm not a huge fan of meticulously logging my food intake to analyze, it is a fact - you cannot lose weight without expending more calories than you take in. But the good thing about calories - you don't have to count them to lose weight. Focusing on some "auto-pilot" habits that are time tested and science-approved can help make you feel less like a nutrition accountant, while still being accountable for your nutrition! Non-food habits to nurture
  1. Eating off a smaller plate seems to help curtail calorie intake at meals.
  2. Poor sleep is one of the strongest risk factors for obesity. Survey your sleep habits.
  3. Elevated stress produces hormones that make it easier to gain belly fat. Address your stress.
  4. Distracted eating = over-eating. Mono-task your meals and snacks.
  5. Make time to plan and prep - food emergencies lead to choices that cheat your health.
  6. If you're grazing, you're gaining. Eating too frequently is usually counter-productive.
Food-focused habits
  1. Switch your grain product breakfast for one based with eggs. This simple swap makes a small, but significant difference with very little effort.
  2. Try upping your protein to 30% of your calories for a steady calorie burn and help with hunger.
  3. Fiber is your friend. If you fail on fiber, you don't get full. Most should shoot for over 25 grams.
  4. Don't be a carb collector. Unless you're an active teen or a marathoner, 200 grams is more than plenty for most of us!

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