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A traditional healthy
habit – drinking tea

Traditional diets are known to be the healthiest diets. When looking at habits to work into your day, don't forget that what we drink needs to be traditional too. Drinking tea can be a habit that leads to success early in diet modification. It is widely available, budget friendly, easy to prep and super convenient. You don't get much more traditional than tea - here's some tips to start a great tea habit. Keep It Real Tea leaves come from the shrub, Camellia Sinensis. If your tea does not indicate this, then it is not real tea. Teas can differ in aroma, color, taste, and health benefits depending on if leaves come from older or younger plants, when fermentation was stopped and other factors. Less fermentation is used in lighter teas, like white or green. Oolong and black teas require longer fermentation. No matter what tea from the spectrum you choose, there will be health benefits. Store It Smart Tea can start to level-down in quality (and health benefits) with exposure to light, odors, heat, moisture and air. One great tip for tea is to buy it in smaller quantities and store it so exposure to the above is minimal. Keep It Simple Nix the sweetener and dairy with tea. Sweeteners should be obvious. Avoid these in tea and elsewhere. A protein in dairy does tend to blunt the antioxidant power of tea - so avoid dairy in or alongside your tea. If you HAVE TO add a dairy alternative. Feel free to add lemon however - it aids absorption of antioxidants. Tea contains bio-active compounds that may:
  • Increased fat burning
  • Improve brain function
  • Lower risk of some cancers
  • Reduce bad breath
  • Help prevent Type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease
Other Team Tips
  • Tea is not dehydrating like most believe - it can be used as a hydrating beverage that has taste!
  • Tea from Japan tends to be lower in lead than tea from China, which banned leaded gas later.
  • Tea can be used in cooking - whenever you want more flavor than water can provide
  • Avoid some premium tea bags made from plastic - they leave microplastics in your tea!

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