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Making progress with healthy eating

Eating healthy can seem like a competition. We all know someone else who is staying on course with healthy food choices "better than we are". A few days of "being good", and then we veer-off with a dinner night out, making us question our discipline. We jealously eye our co-worker's lunch, who did a better job planning their meal. The feeling of regret hits you as you put your empty ice cream bowl into the sink. These frustrations sound familiar? Then read on for some coaching around your concerns about not being perfect with your diet.

Perfection in diet - doesn't exist

There's more to it than putting food in your mouth and swallowing to feel full. Healthy eating is more like yoga, martial arts, and mindfulness/meditation. It's a practice, where there is always room for more growth, experience, and consistency. Your food choices may be better in some meals more than in others. But like a stock investment, you want a general upward, healthy trend. You just ate a handful of M&M's for lunch? Ok, don't throw away the day - get right back at it!

Processed isn't always poison

We've come to assume all processed food should be avoided in a "healthy diet". Not the case. There are many whole, natural foods that are very healthy, but still undergo some processing. Cottage cheese, plain yogurt, shelled nuts, frozen veggies, peanut butter (without added garbage), and canned olives are just a few in this category of healthy foods that are processed and super convenient to use.

If snacks are a culprit - cut 'em

Do well with meals but find yourself snacking on the wrong things? Stick with 3 larger meals and cut those less-healthy eating occasions out completely. Drink healthy fluids instead and focus on planning better for your meals.

  • Swap out microwave popcorn for air-popped.
  • Make your own salad dressing and shy away from most store-bought brands.
  • Top salads with nuts and seeds or dry roasted chickpeas instead of croutons.
  • Replace packaged lunch meats with chicken, tuna, or egg salad.

Small substitutions add up over time!

Your diet is a work in progress - let me know if you need some help making progress.

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