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Behavioral Health
Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health

ACHS’ behavioral health services include treatment for addiction, mental health issues, stress, anxiety, emotional trauma, PTSD, as well as behavioral modification training, problem solving therapy and medication management. All services are coordinated through the patient's primary care provider, our patient navigators, and the behavioral health team, allowing for comprehensive, integrated care management.

The integrated behavioral health care team delivers services that enhance, and make more effective, the primary care services which are the cornerstone of ACHS. The team provides a combination of both individual and limited group counseling as well as interventions designed to help patients cope with chronic health conditions. The counseling sessions can last anywhere from a very brief 15-minute intervention to a more traditional 60-minute counseling session.

We realize that negotiating the medical system can sometimes be overwhelming. We have “patient navigators” who act as care managers and resource providers for all patients at ACHS but particularly for those with more complex medical needs. In addition to advocacy, patient navigators help enroll patients in medication assistance programs, make referrals to a variety of ancillary healthcare services, assist in the application of federal and state insurance forms and ensure that there is appropriate follow-up and communication between the various healthcare disciplines.

Our Behavioral Health team consists of a NH Licensed Social Worker, who is also a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, a Clinical Psychologist, and an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse who specializes in mental health care.

ACHS recently received national recognition for its depression treatment outcomes.

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